When a family member began planning for their wedding day they wanted a simple and laid back outdoor affair. And we all wanted to help make sure everything looked just right for their special day!

Everyone quickly agreed that kegs of beer would keep the cost low, but who wants to look at tacky floating kegs in brightly colored tubs with their hand pumps sticking out the top? Not to mention, who would be responsible for keeping the kegs covered with bags of ice throughout the day? Nobody wanted that responsibility while wearing a suit! 


The eyesore of the keg tubs was not what they had in mind for their rustic, outdoor approach. After searching around, we realized that there were no alternatives available to prevent the kegs from sitting out and needing to be maintained, so we had to create something ourselves... 


After a lot of research and manufacturing, Tap Wagon was created as a mobile, self-serve four tap draft system. It was easily transported into their outdoor area, does not require electricity and was ready to pour ice cold beer, even on one of the hottest days! Their wedding day reached 100°, hot and humid! But their guests were all impressed that the Tap Wagon kept the beer so cold!

We knew that if our family had a need for the Tap Wagon, surely other people would too! Let our family help make your family's affair just as special as our own!

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Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania 

and surrounding local areas



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